Geodetic measurements and design of railway infrastructure

Highly qualified specialists, available equipment and experience allow the client to offer the services of specialized geodetic measurements of railway roads and structures.

The company prepares design solutions, technical, technical work projects, technological projects related to the construction of railway roads, performs procedures for obtaining connection conditions, construction permitting documents and construction completion acts.

The most advanced measuring tools and devices are used in geodetic activities, such as the robotic tacheometer Trimble “SX10”. Modern AutoCad, GeoMap engineering programs are used. The acquired equipment allows to carry out specialized geodetic measurements of the railway infrastructure with high precision. The certified surveyors of the company prepare the executive documentation of railway roads, update the longitudinal profiles of roads, prepare and coordinate scale diagrams, carry out overall measurements, prepare programs for railway road repair machines.

We provide with the services of checking the technical condition of the railway roads and tracks with a defectoscope – a rolling cart SPRUT. The rolling cart is intended for checking the parameters of the railway track (track width, rail level), detecting rail defects, and detecting defects in switch elements.
The purpose of timely monitoring of the technical condition of railway tracks and tracks is to prevent further deviations of track parameters or defects that pose a real risk to safe train traffic.