Construction and repair of railway tracks

For more than 70 years, the main activity of the company remains the construction and repair of railway road infrastructure. Over the entire period of the company’s existence, more than one railway station was built, several hundred kilometers of railway roads were built, and several hundred railway switches were laid. All the time, the company strengthened and expanded its technical, production and intellectual base. Highly qualified specialists and accumulated experience allow us to offer the client, top-quality services, such as:

  • Building of railway tracks;
  • Building of spur crossings;
  • Building long rails, changing rails;
  • Repair of railway tracks;
  • Replacement of sleepers, skewer points;
  • Replacement of individual elements of the upper structure of the railway track;
  • Installation of rubber composite and reinforced concrete crossings;
  • Installation of pedestrian crossings;
  • Installation of railway wagon scales;
  • Installation of cranes for maneuvering railway wagons;
  • Installation of platforms;
  • Installation of culverts;
  • Dismantling of railway tracks and structures;
  • Installation of post-cranial roads;
  • Works related to the electrification of railway roads (installation of foundations, construction of supports;
  • Construction and repair of other railway structures.