Maintenance of railway roads and structures

The company has been providing maintenance services for railway roads and structures for many years. Technical supervision is performed by qualified and appropriately certified employees of the company. Maintenance is carried out in accordance with the regulation STR 01.07.03:2017 “Procedure for technical and operational maintenance of structures. The procedure for the formation of new real estate cadastre objects” and the requirements of the “Railway structural maintenance rules” approved by order No. 3-88(1.5E) of 2015-02-06 of the Minister of Transport of the Republic of Lithuania.

The maintenance of railway structures begins after familiarization with the safety management system (SMS) developed and implemented by the railway infrastructure manager. During continuous, periodic and extraordinary inspections of structures, the results are filled in the Railway Transport Risk Management and Supervision Information System (GERVIS). Maintenance services for railway roads and structures are provided throughout the all territory of Lithuania to companies that manage the railway infrastructure.

The company also performs extraordinary inspections of railway roads and other structures, their condition assessment, auditing and provides other consulting services.