Welding of all types of rails


Top Rails is one of the first companies in Lithuania to start performing thermal welding works, and in the last 10 years more than 5,000 joints have been welded. Thermite welding works have been carried out since 1996, and the qualifications of Top Rails employees meet the international requirements for thermite welders. Top Rails specializes in the welding of rails for railway, tram and underground road profiles.
Great attention is paid to the international market, welding methods used in other countries and qualification requirements for welders are analysed. We have performed welding works in Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Scandinavian countries.
The company cooperates with Elektro-Thermit GmbH & Co. KG , a member of the Goldschmidt Thermit group, in matters of materials, equipment and training of welders for thermic rail welding as well as  DELACHAUX  a member of the group Railtech Deutschland GmbH under the brand name PANDROL.


Since 2018 the company also started providing rail welding services by electrocontact method. Electrocontact welding is performed by a modern transportable rail welding machine with a combined road and railway chassis.
Available equipment allows welding R65, 60E1, etc. profile rail. After the rails are welded, the welded areas are hardened. The entire rail welding process is computer controlled.