Health and safety

We consider a safe working environment one of the company’s main priorities. In order to create a safe and healthy working environment, prevent accidents or injuries at work, and minimize the causes of hazards inherent in the working environment, in 2010 we implemented an employee safety and health management system that today meets the requirements of the ISO 45001 standard.
Specialists appointed by the company constantly analyze the environment, investigate and assess possible risks in the workplace. We try to create safe and healthy working conditions for every employee, we train them to work with the equipment used in daily activities and the equipment used exclusively in the construction of railway roads. We regularly check the health of employees, provide employees with personal and collective protective equipment.
In order to prevent accidents at work and to ensure the implementation of the work safety and health policy, the employees appointed by the company together with partners UAB “Tuvlita” conduct an internal audit once a month. The company conducts more than 15 internal inspections per year.